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"Colour Pop" Glass & 925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings


I was recently asked to make some small stud earrings in the same glass as some of my baroque sets for a lady that didn't wear anything 'dangley'.  She liked them so much she ordered a second set in a different colour so I thought I'd make some more in lots of colours and see if anyone else would like some!

The result is an enormous range of colours and sizes in both transparent and opaque glass.  I have grouped them into pairs and then into colours, then photographed each section (please scroll through the pictures).  To buy, you can request the pair you want during the checkout process by stating the colour and the number from the top of the picture (counting down from the top) - so 'green 3' would be the third from the top in the green section.  You can also copy the picture and use Paint (or similar) to draw around the pair you want and email the picture back to me if that's easier.  I will confirm back to you a photo of the pair of your choice giving you the chance to change your mind before they are sent out if necessary.  The price is for one pair of sterling silver earrings.

There is a one pence coin on the wide photograph to give an indication of size but if you need a more accurate measurement let me know.  There are also three pairs of studs already made up with their post fittings in the last picture using the some of the middle sized glass pairs.

The ear posts they will be attached to are 925 sterling silver with large butterflies on the back for ease of use.  I also have large silicone disk stoppers which can be used in place of the butterflies for those who struggle with standard post fittings.

The transparent glass in particular has an amazing glow as light enters the glass from all around the edges - you can see some of this effect in the yellow, red and blue earrings on the right of the wide picture.

There are three areas which don't reveal their true colours in the photos:

  • the top 4 pairs in the purple photo are a beautiful amethyst purple colour.
  • the pair at bottom of the blue photo are a deep sparkly blue (adventurine).
  • the pair at the bottom of the green photo are a deep sparkly green (adventurine).

The studs are sold on a first come, first served basis!  Any questions, please ask.

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