Hand crafted glass and sterling silver jewellery as unique as you are!
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There are a few questions that regularly get asked so it seems like a good idea to have them grouped together here.  If there are any questions you would like covered please get in touch through the contact section.

Are your pieces hallmarked? 

In the UK only sterling silver pieces over 7.78 grams (or 1 gram for gold) legally require hallmarking.  None of the pieces on this website exceed these weights so they are not hallmarked.  They could be hallmarked but it is an expensive and time consuming process, particularly for a new set up, so the decision has been made to stay under the required limits for now and review if heavier pieces are required.  More information about hallmarking can be found on the Government website here: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/210028/hallmark-guidance-notes.pdf

Can I split a set?

It is not possible to split a set as trying to re-make pieces that match exactly is almost impossible (even the atmosphere around the torch can make a difference to the finished look).  If there is a set you would like just the earrings or necklace from please get in touch as using the same 'recipe' to create a new piece may be possible (with no obligation to buy).

Do you take commissions?

This is always an interesting one.  Commissions can be tricky as an idea someone has in their head is never going to be recreated with 100% accuracy, often leading to disappointment.  They can also be very time consuming, leading to higher prices.  Providing alternative colours of the designs you see on the website is certainly something that can be done (there are over 100 shades and colours available in the Flame Opal studio!)  These can often be made with no obligation to buy as they will be offered to you first before they reach the online shop.  If you have a design in mind that is not currently on the website you are still very welcome to get in touch - you never know what is possible until you ask.  :)