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About Flame Opal

Flame Opal was born from a lifelong passion with glass, started by intently watching a glass sculptor make swans on Eastbourne Pier during school summer holidays some 30 years ago. The ability to melt the glass and pull it, squish it, change the colour and make endless shapes and forms was magical to me and left a lasting impression. 

It took me many years to finally take it up myself and the fascination has not changed during the passage of time. What started 8 years ago as a small blowtorch and a couple of rods of glass has now turned into a small workshop full of several different types of glass (including glass for fusing, stained and lampwork) along with a silver smithing area all of which I bounce between as different ideas take form in my head.

I don't teach at this stage (I still have a 'day' job) but may consider it in the future. If you have a question please get in touch using the contact button or on my Facebook page (look for Flame Opal).  You can also keep in touch through Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest - just search for Flame Opal.

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