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What you don't see on the shiny sales side...!

Hurumph.  Well something like that.  Since I launched the Flame Opal website earlier this year I've had a huge number of compliments from people who have seen it and been surprised at what I've accomplished in such a short space of time (IT/web design is not my full time occupation for those who don't know).  It has been a steep learning curve - one which I have mostly enjoyed - but I underestimated the rest of the gunf that goes with it - in particular, taking photos when your pieces are determined to attempt kamikaze off the edge of the table, writing enticing descriptions instead of being mesmerised by a blinking cursor and staring at the daisy of death while the whole lot uploads to the site.  It's probably just as well people can't see the above process, particularly today which has involved a considerable amount of falling over things, fighting with lighting (artificial and natural) and copious amounts of swearing at both.  This, along with a nasty cold and bi-annual dose of laryngitis has made the task even more tedious... trying to hold a camera still while stifling yet another coughing fit would probably place me top of any gurning competition if anyone could see it!  Well I am from the West Country so that's appropriate I suppose.  ;)

The good news is that all this kerfuffle will at some point yield a new collection on this site, this time aimed mostly at men but could also appeal to ladies who like to be different.  There will even be videos for this collection as they are so hard to photograph (they look different in different lighting conditions).  There will also be a few other pieces replacing the sold items from other collections appearing over the next week or so.  

Now, back to those lights... I wonder if my flu tablets react with wine... might stop some of the swearing at least... ;)

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