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Tools, temptation and work in progress...

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Hello all

After a bit of a hiatus (long story - won't bore you with it!) I'm back at the torch and making all sorts of things. Most people take annual leave from their 'day job' and go somewhere nice - I buy a new tool and go and play! The earrings you see 'in progress' here on my workbench are the result of a week off and a new shaping tool - I have to say I'm a little bit in love with it right now. There are all sorts of sizes but the basic shape is that of a rounded cone. I can't really decide if I like it pointy side down or up - it's up in everything I'm making for now but I can see that being flipped for some longer more dangley designs in future. There are also some textured versions on the way which look and feel like sea glass - watch this space!

Photographing glass is a pain in the rump because its so shiny and reflective which is one of the reasons things have been a bit quiet on this page recently. Finding the time to set things up, light it well, take good pictures, upload them, write the description and then make it live on the website is not the most enjoyable bit for me (give me some molten glass to play with any day of the week) but it is nice when people buy pieces and enjoy wearing them. Being a jewellery type I tend to look at what people have dangling from their ears or around their neck before I pay much attention to anything else. I'm also known to pop to my local builders merchant in jeans, t-shirt, no make up but wearing earrings like those you will find on this site. I get a few strange looks but I like the contradiction - and I feel naked without my earrings on!

There is one drawback to making jewellery - you have to resit the temptation that your favourite pieces end up in your own jewellery box instead of for sale on the website. I have come up with a cunning plan to circumvent this issue - I put my favourites on the website and then if they are not snapped up by a savvy shopper within a reasonable time frame then they are "borrowed for marketing purposes"! My earrings are often passed around when out and about so I think this is a perfectly reasonable marketing strategy. OK so there may be a few exceptions to this rule where things go straight to the 'marketing phase' but hey, it's a start!

I will endeavour to lock horns with my camera and get the new pieces listed over the next few weeks. I got a little distracted by the big shiny thing in the sky over the Easter weekend and ended up playing with spray paint in the garden (another story for another time). I will get there though - lots of summer colours in the mix which will look lovely with the arrival of longer, sunnier days. Roll on summer!  

New Flame Opal beads in progress

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