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The unexpected joys of dispatching jewellery!

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Firstly, a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2017 to you all! 

I have been busy over the festive period working on one of my 'coming soon' sections - glass flowers.  I'm nearly at the stage where I can unleash the prototypes on the site but as usual, I'm always adding something or tweaking something else.  My inner perfectionist keeps challenging me to constantly improve and refine the designs - I suspect this process will never end but at some point I really do need to stop and share as there are over 100 flowers currently sat on my workbench in different shapes, forms and colours!

In the mean time, my jewellery continues to find new homes with wonderful customers.  I love hearing stories about when they are given as gifts - no matter how good the photos on the website there is never any substitute for holding glass in your own hands - it's so tactile and mesmerising it draws you in.  It's also nice to know it's not just me that says 'oooOOOooo' when presented with glass - I do it all the time when I open the kiln!  While carefully wrapping my latest sale an unexpected thought occurred to me - I had expected to find it really hard to let go of my creations (there isn't a single piece on the site that I wouldn't wear myself!) but instead I've found it really exciting to package each piece up and send it off to it's new home to be worn and enjoyed. It's rather nice thinking about who might end up wearing what I'm wrapping and what journeys it will take with it's new owner.  I have various sets of my own work which are my 'go to' choice of course (a baroque lilac set today in case you were wondering) but I like to think of all my other pieces out there being worn and enjoyed.  After all, you don't wear jewellery to feel miserable do you, so I like to think I am helping to contribute a little bit of happiness to the world!

I currently have no heating which makes lampwork a little more challenging than normal (if the rods of glass are too cold they shatter when you put them in the flame - great if you like to embed shards of glass in yourself and your walls but otherwise best avoided!).  Apparently my central heating pump has given up the ghost and taken out the PCB on the boiler to boot - not an easy (or cheap!) fix but I'm hoping to be back in torch mode by the weekend.  Thermal underfrills are all the rage in this household until then...

Hoping you all stay warm and well!  Until next time - TTFN  :)

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