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The rise of the rainbow...

I have always been a colourful type. If it looks like an explosion in a paint factory there's a good chance I'll like it. Beige is my nemesis. It's not so much a colour as the absence of colour. Since when did anything exciting come in a 'lovely shade of beige'? If yawning was represented by a colour it would be beige. Beige as a background for a riot of colour, well, then I might consider it to be acceptable. ;)

Why the beige rant? Well I've found the recent rise in popularity and acceptance of rainbow themed items (along with unicorns, mermaids etc) has been rather interesting. No longer limited to people under the age of 6 you can now embrace your inner rainbow in public without people backing away from you in fear (well, most of the time at least). However, I have noticed there is still a stigma against those of a more colourful disposition in corporate offices. Having started a new day job almost 6 months ago I have steadily been sneaking more and more colour into my outfits and each time I get a handful of positive comments, but I also get some disapproving stares too. I once wore a multicoloured watch at a previous employer and one guy (younger than me) said "I can't take you seriously wearing that watch". It's incredible how short sighted and judgemental people can be if you don't conform to the accepted 'norm'. What is it that makes people so afraid of colour when we are so willing to let kids embrace it? We spend hours as a nation carefully cultivating our naturally colourful gardens but heaven forbid we should wear any of those colours to the office to brighten the place up! The positive effects of colour on the human brain are well documented and the world is provided to us in glorious technicolour - can we not be professional and colourful?

The good news is (for those who have yet to embrace their colourful side) it's fairly easy to add a bit of colour on a daily basis through accessories. Earrings, cuff links, handbags - even a ribbon or keyring attached to something you carry is a step in the right colourful direction. Colour feeds the soul and given that most offices are pretty soulless places every little helps!

I shall continue to lead the charge by increasing the colour level of my outfits over the summer, and of course, wearing carefully coordinated handcrafted multicoloured jewellery to match. Because, why not? Colour-phobes beware! Long live the colour revolution! 

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