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Flame Opal News & Random Thoughts — glass basics

'Hard' glass (grrrr) and 'soft' glass (yes really!) - with added frit!

COE frit glass basics glass types

'Hard' glass (grrrr) and 'soft' glass (yes really!) - with added frit!

I feel fritty, oh so fritty...  Do you have that song stuck in your head now?  Sorry about that!  Bit of an in joke for anyone who doesn't know what 'frit' is, but it's the phrase that always comes into my head whenever a new box of colours turns up for me to play with - and that's what has happened today - just in time for the weekend!   So what is frit?  Well, it's basically crushed glass.  It comes in different sizes and from different manufacturers and you can add things like minerals to get different chemical reactions...

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