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New jewellery, frozen fingers and Xmas cheer!

Brrrr the temperature has dropped here at Flame Opal HQ!  It's always telling when I'm looking for an excuse to turn the kiln on just to heat the house up (not that I need much of an excuse!).

So, what's new you might ask?  Well, after some excellent customer feedback (thank you to all those who have contributed) I have introduced a thinner mesh chain for the sea glass collection.  This maintains the size of the beads but thanks to a new tool and a different set of mandrels I can now make the hole inside the beads smaller.  I have also changed the spacers in between the beads to balls - disks just didn't look right when I tried them and there is much less choice for this size chain - I would be interested to hear what you think about the design changes.

Photographing the new pieces has also been a bigger challenge than normal as I always try to photograph both in daylight and in artificial light so the differences in colour can be seen.  Most of the glass I use is transparent so the colour of the light passing through it (blue for daylight, yellow for indoor artificial light) makes a real difference.  With the rubbish weather we've had recently it's been hard to get a nice clear day with enough daylight to get some good shots - my fingers were so cold while photographing today that I couldn't hold the camera still and everything came out blurry!  Roll on summer!

Technically I won't be shutting down over the festive period as the draw of the torch is just too much and I will no doubt be spending the Bank Holiday doing something glass related.  I have promised myself a new lamp shade to go on a wall light fitting (which has seen better days) but I keep changing my mind as to what colour to make it!  Maybe after a couple of glasses of mulled wine I'll make my mind up!

Don't forget to use code XMAS16 until the end of December if you're buying anything on the website to get 10% off.  

Wishing you all a safe and happy festive period! 




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