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Cufflinks Launch!

I have been busy working away on some new lines and tweaking some current styles - these often get passed around family and friends for feedback before they ever reach the website.  This is a great way of market research over a cuppa, but also means that an awful lot of my prototype pieces disappear when someone takes a particular shine to something I've made, so the collection has become smaller with each house guest!  This weekend I thought I had better get what I still have on the web quickly before they all go!  You can see the collection here: https://flameopal.co.uk/collections/cufflinks

One of the biggest struggles I have with the website is that the photos never seem to reflect the real thing, so for this collection I have made short videos for each piece to try to show the difference both movement and light make.  This is particularly relevant for cufflinks as they are worn in an area that is constantly on the move.

After feedback from a number of people I have also now added a choice of sterling silver, plated silver or stainless steel backs to complete the cufflink.  This provides different price points for people who prefer different finishes.  I am considering offering similar options on other pieces in the future if it proves popular.

Let me know if you have any thoughts/comments on the new range or if there is anything you think I should try - I'm always open to new ideas!

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