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Confirmed as a glass addict... !

Addict Flowers Glass Passion Spring

They say to find the right career you have to 'find your passion'... Admittedly I have known mine for a while but I think I have found an undocumented method of discovery/confirmation for anyone who is in doubt.  What can't you leave alone even when you are ill?  What catches your eye in the house and soothes your befuddled brain?  I've been knocked flat by a course of antibiotics (with side effects you really don't need to hear about!) but even padding to and from the sofa I get distracted by glass and find ideas start to form in my head.  I've not had the strength to do much about it recently but I have managed to rustle up a couple of glass flowers for the garden, made from recycled bowls (I'm a bit of a Womble on the quiet and am always looking for alternative uses for things... especially glass).  They add a bit of colour while waiting for spring to appear (anyone else worried about the bulbs that are sprouting with the arctic weather forecast next week?)

I'm reliably informed that the side effects of these drugs will subside as the bacteria they are fighting get drop-kicked out of my system (that's the mental image I have of what's going on) so hopefully I will be able to get back on the torch soon.  I am also working on the studs that were previewed on FB - I have a variety of colours and sizes coming - getting pairs that match is presenting the biggest challenge so far!  And for those 'pink' people out there, you will be pleased to know there are at least two different shades underway - the transparent fuchsia is catching even my eye!

TTFN  :)


Recycled glass flowers for the garden

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