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Castors and castaways...

It's funny how little changes can instigate bigger changes - a bit like chucking a pebble in a pond and watching the ripples head outwards in all directions. There have been a few small changes here at Flame Opal HQ in the past few weeks, one of which was replacing the castors on the chair I use to flamework. It's a saddle shape to give me room to move my arms wherever I need them to be (and I can get into some very interesting shapes while trying to make hot glass and gravity cooperate!). They were bog standard black plastic castors and sort of did the job but didn't 'wheel' very well, so trying to manoeuvre myself backwards towards the kiln while still moving a hot bead and trying to open the kiln lid all at the same time has always been a bit like facing one last hurdle at the end of an obstacle course. The word 'thrusting' sprang to mind when trying to describe the inelegant movement required to shift the chair and I across the room and a quick thesaurus check for an alternative descriptor provided nothing less provocative! So when I spied a set of replacement wheels similar to the type used on roller-blades I figured they might be worth a go. What a difference! Now I glide backwards and forwards with ease! Curiously they have also made my chair about an inch higher, making me slightly more elevated compared to the torch which is more comfortable than I expected. Bonus! I'm so pleased I've ordered two more sets for my other castor chairs.

Why am I telling you this? Well working with a torch and hot glass is quite physically and mentally tiring. Anything which lessens the physical drain is a good thing, particularly when it's something repetitive, so my new wheels have had the unexpected effect of making me less tired and more productive. Which also makes me more likely to torch more often. Little changes...

Don't be expecting a huge onslaught of extra pieces hitting the website any time soon though! So little of what I actually make ends up on the website that the few people who get to see my workshop are always amazed at the number of discards all over the place. Some are experiments, some are wonky, some damaged, some that don't match - only the best of the bunch become jewellery. The photo shows the discards from the last two torch sessions. These will be recycled at some point (the glass is too expensive to just throw them away!) but for now they will join the rest in the 'orphan' box until I have time and inclination to do something creative with them. I may need a bigger box...

So if there is something small you can change in your life - from buying a new pair of shoes (or jewellery!) to a change of carpet (all of which have happened recently here by the way) I would suggest you go for it. You never know what the results might be! 


Flame Opal discards

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