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Brexit & the allure/fear of change...

Brexit Change EU

So, Brexit is a reality.  I'm not one to harp on about politics normally (life is too short!) but this is such a big issue, particularly for businesses that it's hard to ignore.  

I've been listening (as have most) to the arguments on both sides for several weeks and the only point I found I could agree on was that the electorate was expected to vote on an issue which they did not have enough real information about to make a balanced decision.  The remain campaign focused on the fear of change and the leave campaign focused on the need for change (not necessarily to do with the EU but more the dissatisfaction of the electorate with the ruling factions in Government & big business).  Neither side covered themselves in glory and the end result showed just how divided the UK really is.

Perhaps most surprisingly was the result that the largest proportion of Brexiteers was in the over 60's age group - the same group that voted us into the EU in the seventies.  So what went wrong?  What were the expectations then and what did the politicians of the time fail to deliver?  How many people know why the EU was formed in the first place?  What is the point of the EU in the 21st century?  What are it's stated aims, objectives, values?  Let's ignore the big pound signs flying around and actually focus on why the EU is of benefit - or not - to the current population of this small, chilly, damp bit of rock we call home.  None of this has been discussed - instead we've had people trading insults and insulting each other's intelligence in a desperate game of one-upmanship.  Perhaps little wonder then that a large part of the electorate decided to punish the incumbent government by forcing a massive change in the system - for better or worse (and we didn't really have the information to know) a change was preferable to more people than maintaining the status quo (and we're not talking ageing rock stars...)

Change is a funny thing in itself - people are generally averse to it, preferring to stick with what they know rather than risk an outcome that could be better or worse.  But change can be liberating and without it we arguably don't learn or move forward.  After all, if a caterpillar didn't accept change there would be no butterflies...

I've always been a cage rattler and I think Brexit could be the kick up the arse the UK needs.  The prospect of yet another general election where the same parties with the same barely different policies headed by the same privileged figures fills most people with complete apathy.  This referendum polarised people into a clear choice with unclear consequences - and appears to have resulted in sticking a rocket up the backside of the lot of them by presenting them with a challenge - extracting the UK from Europe.  I really don't think they were expecting that result.

There's no doubt it's going to be a bumpy ride but they say necessity is the mother of all invention and we are an inventive lot - let's hope our politicians and the population as a whole rise to the challenge and prove what makes Britain Great.  :)

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