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A day of unexpected extremes on day 1 of IJL!

My first day and first time visiting International Jewellery London at Kensington Olympia today and it turned out not to be quite what I was expecting. I have done trade shows before (albeit in another industry) so I knew the form and as expected there were some amazing pieces of jewellery, serious fashion statements and very informative seminars - all of which I enjoyed. There was also a vile exhibitor who slated one of the professional membership bodies (which is what I had stopped to talk to her about having seen the membership sign on her stand) and then proceeded to tell me I shouldn't be in the jewellery trade as it was a terrible market before saying she didn't want to speak to me about her business anyway because she only wanted to talk to customers (of which there were none in sight). Her attitude was jaw-droppingly out of place and I was quite taken aback. It seriously put me off talking to anyone else but luckily, shortly afterwards another exhibitor said hello and tried to cheer me up with a chocolate when I explained what had just happened!

I concentrated on the seminar programme for the rest of the day, hoovering up all the information I could and then found this amazing labradorite ring which cheered me up.  I have to say the vast majority of people I interacted with at the show were lovely - it's such a shame that some people think they can be incredibly rude just because you don't fit with their agenda.

Day two tomorrow - wonder what that will bring!

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