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I think I've got "Colouritis..."

Blue Colour Glass glass jewellery Green handmade in the UK Inspiration Jewellery Liberty's Life in colour Purple Sterling Silver

Glass necklace inspired by a throw by Flame Opal


Sometimes I go through phases where I just can't get enough colour into my daily life.  I gravitate towards anything that resembles an explosion in a paint factory - monochrome is my nemesis.  This time I'm sure it's been triggered by too much time spent lurking about in the fabric section at Liberty's... the following week I came across a brightly coloured throw (pictured) and decided not only would it look fab in my house (despite not having this colour scheme anywhere) but that it would also make a rather interesting colour pallete for some jewellery.  So it was duly purchased and taken into my studio for interrogation - and the results were rather... colourful!  The reactions you get from mixing the chemicals used to colour glass are sometimes unpredictable and even the way colours are layered on top of each other can yield very different effects.  So too is the effect of changing the base colour of the glass or texturing them after they have been made (I have some stud earrings coming to the website soon which will show the difference side by side).  It took three attempts to get what I was after from this set but I'm pleased with the result.  Now I just have to find something to wear with it (this is often the way round I do things - jewellery first, clothing second!)

So inspiration really can strike anywhere - I have been known in the past to leap off my bike or pull over in the car just to take photos of colour combinations that I've taken a shine to.  It always makes me laugh when people recite sayings like 'blue and green should never be seen' - errrr, has anyone ever looked at where the grass of a field joins the sky and thought 'ooooo, nasty'??  Anything is possible with colour and I wish people were less afraid of it. 

So if life ever gets too grey, I recommend seeking out colour wherever you can find it. You might be surprised where you notice it most (and if all else fails, just cover something with rainbow sprinkles and eat it - that way you can have colour from the inside out...)  :)

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