Hand crafted glass and sterling silver jewellery as unique as you are!
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Well it's taken nearly 8 years (and a lot of badgering from friends and family!) to finally pluck up enough courage to start selling my wares, so to speak.  :)  Now when people comment on what I'm wearing and ask "Where did you get that?" not only can I say I made it but I can also hand them a business card!  (Well I will be able to once I've got them printed...where's that endless to do list gone...) :D

It's a brave new world for me and I have no idea how it will go, but as the saying goes - nothing ventured, nothing gained!  Life has a habit of reminding us how fragile it is every now and again and I decided long ago that life is too short not to wear something unique, individual and preferably sparkly!  

I hope you enjoy looking through the site - I have much more planned including cufflinks, clocks, flowers, more pendants styles and much, much more - I just have to find the time to get everything in my head out into something I can put on this website!  

If you have any thoughts or questions - let me know.  Happy shopping!

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