Hand crafted glass and sterling silver jewellery as unique as you are!
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Welcome to Flame Opal

Welcome to a site which celebrates colour, uniqueness and all things glass!  Here you will find unique colourful handcrafted glass & sterling silver jewellery to reflect the uniqueness of the individual who owns it.  It's easy to feel lost in the roles we carve out in our lives but we are each an original one-of-a-kind with thoughts, feelings and experiences which are uniquely ours.  Jewellery has the power to change the way you feel - whether it's confidence, reassurance, self expression or pure pleasure - be proud to be who you are and express what makes you happy! :)  

Each piece is a one off exclusive (to match it's owner) using high quality materials from all over the world.  Even using the same 'recipe' will not provide the same results each time due to the number of variables involved, for example, air temperature, humidity and differences between batches of glass.  Each piece is designed to be tactile, eye catching and a pleasure to wear.

Many of the materials used are limited editions (particularly the glass) and even the silver elements change with availability. If you see a piece you are interested in that has already sold you are welcome to get in touch and I will see if it is possible to create something similar, but with each piece being unique you'll have to get in first to guarantee what you want becomes yours!